“SimplySiti – Simply Beautiful”

It all began with the simple aspiration of a woman who had accomplished so much in her career yet felt she just had to realise one more thing – to share her passion and her dream – to have her own beauty brand which she can share with all her adoring fans.

Sharing this sentiment with her loving husband who fully supported her dream, the couple roped in close friends and industry experts as business partners to form a team of ‘dream enablers’ who would take Dato’ Siti’s dream to heights of reality.


Conceptualised with an understanding of the modern day challenges of women, SimplySiti was launched in March 2010 with its tagline “It used to be my secret, now it’s yours”, a personal invitation from Dato’ Siti to privy her world of skincare and beauty. Now 3 years later, this beauty brand gives the consumer an international standard in providing the best benefit to cater to the local needs. With its tagline, ‘Simply Beautiful’, consumers will experience a true beauty inside out.


From meticulous research and development, appealing design and packaging, to careful selection of natural ingredients for maximum benefits, every single detail was subjected to rigorous and stringent standards of quality. With various ranges of skincare, cosmetics and fragrance that protects, nourishes and promotes complete beauty all in one, SimplySiti products caters to woman’s beauty needs.