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Timeless Collection

SimplySiti Timeless Exclusive Edition is a premium range of SimplySiti cosmetics Comes with gold & red premium packaging that symbolises luxury, the range celebrates the timeless beauty of Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza through SimplySiti product technology over the years.

The collection comes with Cushion Foundation, Two-Way-Cake and 3 colors of Lipsticks which are specially formulated with Orange Lily Extract to revitalize your skin for a younger-looking appearance.

SimplySiti Timeless Exclusive Edition

for timeless and stunning look!

Timeless Matte Lipstick
Lipmatte Mobile
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Perfect LUCIOUS LIPS with one swipe !


Shades Timeless Matte Lipstick
Timeless Two Way Cake
Two Way Cake Mobile
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DUAL FUNCTIONS powder foundation


Shades Timeless Cushion
Timeless Cushion Foundation
Cushion Foundation Mobile
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Perfect Coverage for luminous skin


Shades Timeless Cushion